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Haye Incentive Travel (HIT) delivers a full service package. This means that we cater for the whole organisation, from booking flights to printing name badges.

The client’s request
After you have got in touch with us we will personally go through your objectives, your wishes and your budget and come up with an initial proposal.

Once all the amendments have been made we will present our final proposal. Experience has taught us that amendments are always made. HIT and our partners abroad are very flexible and do all they can to make sure your trip runs as smoothly as possible.

Once the trip has been confirmed, the preparations can begin. In this phase there is intensive contact with your company’s representative concerning the project’s logistical and communications related matters. The schedule is continuously managed.

Tour of inspection
As soon as the destination has been decided and the schedule is written down, there will often be a tour of inspection during which all accommodation and elements of the trip are thoroughly checked in order to avoid any disappointment. At the destination, you will also meet the HIT business partner. We prefer to conduct the tour of inspection together with our clients.

The trip
Haye Incentive Travel is always present during your trip, during which we continually monitor how things are going. During the execution of the trip we are supported by our local business partner. HIT has an extensive worldwide network. As our client, you always have someone to fall back on, which is reassuring.

After the trip we draw up an evaluation with the client and discuss it with you. The end of a trip often marks the beginning point of a new period and a new trip.

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